eosens TS3

The eosens TS3 combines the performance characteristics of the EoSens® MotionBLITZ Cube6 and mini1 high-speed camera lines with the portability and ease of use of a handheld “snapshot” high-speed camera.

Independently from external power supply, the high-speed camera works for up to four hours. Due to the internal memory of the eosens TS3, the use of the high-speed recording camera is possible even without any connection to notebook or PC.  That way, up to 13 seconds can be recorded at full resolution and speed.

Its self-contained functionality makes the eosens TS3 a highly efficient medium. With little effort, the camera immediately is ready for operation at all times in the analysis of fastest processes, e.g. in troubleshooting.

Pictures taken with the eosens TS3 can be visualized and assessed on the built-in high-definition touchscreen directly after they were shot. In doing so, an immediate decision can be made as to whether the gained footage complies with the desired criteria.

Various cameras from the eosens TS3 product line are available in order to meet the different requirements of our customers. For detailed information on technical characteristics and special features of the individual models please refer to the respective datasheets.

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